Kaeser Sigma 8000 S-100, S-150 OEM Equivalent Replacement: Summit DSL Diester Fully Synthetic Oil

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30 May 2024
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United States
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Compressor Oil

Authorized Distributor SUMMIT Synthetic Compressor Oil [Made In USA] www.klsummit.com

Sell SUMMIT DSL® Fully Synthetic Compressor Oil (based oil Diester). Affordable price


Equivalent / OEM Replacecment for:

Ingersoll Rand - T30 Select, XL-700, XL-740HT

Kaeser - Sigma S-100, Sigma S-150

CompAir - CS

Gardner Denver & Joy - Aeon AC

Anderol - Anderol 495, 496, 497, 500, 555, 750

Lubriplate - Synac 32, 46, 68, 100

Ultrachem – Chemlube 215, 229, 230, 501, 751, 5130

Suitable for all compressor brands


Recommended Uses

SUMMIT DSL® lubricants were designed for High Pressure Reciprocating/Piston Compressor, to be used in the crankcase and as a compressor cylinder lubricant. 

It is also recommended for use in Centrifugal Compressors, certain Rotary Screw and Vane Compressors, low temperature lubrication, high temperature lubrication, and mist lubricant. 


SUMMIT DSL® fully synthetic compressor oils are unique combinations of quality diester base-stocks and the latest additive technology. SUMMIT DSL® lubricants are especially noted for the following benefits: SUMMIT DSL® lubricants are compatible with almost all elastomers used in compressors and pumps including the paint used in crankcases.

Benefits for your application

• Low maintenance and operating costs due to oil change intervals up to 8,000 operating hours in oil-injected screw-type compressors

• Low temperature fluidity, better thermal conductivity, reduced friction, high temperature thermal stability, greater resistance to mechanical stress, energy efficiency and reduced metal-to-metal wear. 

• Easier compressor oil conversion due to neutral behaviour of oils towards seals

• Good soil dissolving capacity, clean oil circuit due to the ester content in the oil, reduction of cleaning costs

• Low formation of oxidation residues in the oil circuit, reduced operating costs due to extended oil filter and separator life

• Summit DSL 32, 46, and 68 are biodegradable oils and can be used for sensitive applications like sewage plants

About SUMMIT Oil

SUMMIT is recognized worldwide as one of the leading manufacturers of compressor lubricants. For 30 years, our compressor products have been tested, re-tested and refined to bring what we believe is the finest line of compressor products on the market.

SUMMIT started as SUMMIT Oil Company, Inc. in 1982 in Houston, Texas, selling synthetic lubricants to the air compression market. In 1985, Summit merged with Synthetic Formulators, Inc. and relocated to Tyler, Texas.

In 1985, the company initiated their development and manufacturing of products outside of the area of compressor lubricants, expanding its customer base by offering synthetic lubricants for a wide variety of industrial applications. 

SUMMIT now offers over 300 products that can service the majority of industrial applications.

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