Screw Air Compressor Oil-Free UCS UNITED 55 KW - 240 KW (75HP - 320HP) - Fixed Speed

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16 Mar 2023
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Specification of Screw Air Compressor Oil-Free UCS UNITED 55 KW - 240 KW (75HP - 320HP) - Fixed Speed

Affordable Price, Dependable Quality and Heavy Duty Oil-Free Screw Air Compressor.

Sell Air Compressor Oil Free 55KW - 240KW, Air Compressor 75 HP - 320 HP. 

Pressure 7.5 bar, 8.6 bar. Capacity up to 40.5 m3/min

Fixed Speed. Direct Drive (Coupling).

★ Authorized Distributor Air Compressor UCS (United Compressor Systems) & UNITED OSD - Made by HITACHI factory â˜…

UCS Compressor Advantages:

  • .HITACHI Air End Rotor High Performance, High Efficiency 

  • .Worry Free Air End Warranty 6 years (48,000 hours)

  • .New Technology Non-Porous Rotor Film Coating for High Temperature & Peel Resistant

  • .Easy Maintenance

  • .Long Life Service Maintenance & Parts. Oil Filter Lifetime 8,000 hours

  • .After Sales Spare Parts and Service Guaranteed. Full Support from Factory.

  • .Energy Saving with APC (Active Power Control) & PSC (Power Saving Control) [Patented]

  • .High Performance Cooler

  • .Technology to Prevent Rust on Long Shutdown

About UCS (HITACHI Partner)

Founded in 2002, Shanghai United Compressor Co., Ltd. is a vigorous company dedicated to develop and manufacture industrial high-efficiency compressors under United OSD and United Compressor Systems (UCS) brands. The company is committed to becoming the world's leading compressed air solutions provider.
In 2013, UCS Group entered a joint venture with the HITACHI Group (Japan) for joint production and joint research & development for "energy-saving, environmental protection" products. This enhances each other's ability to design, production, quality control and service. Successively launched a series of products of two-stage screw compressor, low-pressure compressor, vacuum pump, oil-free screw compressor, oil-free scroll compressor, oil-free screw blower, multi-stage centrifugal turbo compressor, centrifugal blower, centrifugal blower and others. 

We sell affordable but durable heavy duty Oil-Free Air Compressor.

For more price air compressor, air dryer, spare part, filter, oil, service Hitachi, Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Sullair, Kaeser, Hankinson, Domnick Hunter, and Steam Boiler, Hoist, Crane Fabrication, Genset etc. please contact us.

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Email: sales @mutiarasanjaya.com

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